Pistola para cartuchos de grasa Bontrager 90 ml



Pistola para cartuchos de grasa Bontrager 90 ml NA

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Bontrager´s grease is compatible with thread locker, with anti-corrosion and anti-seizing benefits.

Moisture´s worst enemy
This ultra-high-performance grease is the best available for bicycles. The low-friction formula resists water and contaminants without standing out on the bike.
– Ergonomic, compact grease gun developed in partnership with Dualco
– For best results, use with Bontrager Grease 3oz cartridge
– Quick-change cartridge system is much cleaner, easier, and more efficient
– Spring-loaded plunger guarantees no stoppages or breaks from production
– Grease gun can be hung from the loop at end of plunger
– Compatible with all metals, plastics, and carbon fiber